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I'm Aiden White,
I’m a content creator.

“A world without photography would be meaningless if there was no light and color, to open up our minds and help us express passion.”

Creating has been a part of my life ever since I could hold a camera and push the shutter. Since then my passion has taken me places and opened opportunities the kid from years ago could never have imagined but that childlike spirit and creativity have never stopped fueling the way I tell stories and capture moments. This is my creative style, rather than assign myself to one restricted technical term or buzzword that really does nothing to accurately describe my process I let the kid that fell in love with creating tell the story and express the personalities of the people and scenes I photograph!

My Skills


Among the trees, the shores of a beach, or climbing under a waterfall, I don’t even notice the camera in my hand it just feels like home


A few years ago I started doing lifestyle shoots and absolutely fell in love! The studio is great but sometimes a scene should be on location to really make it come alive.


Studio photography is one of the most planned and important parts of photography letting you really control every aspect of the shoot.

Branded Content

Whether this is a pair of boots in the woods, are a car on a road, or a drink on a coffee table, This will for sure be great for the next ad and your Instagram.

Getting Birds to land on my Hand

Pretty Self-explanatory... I'm really good at getting birds to land on my hand


Still, images can be extremely effective at captivating an audience, but video can give you that extra layer of personalization to really catch the eye.

Why Choose Me?

Professional skills
INdustry leading equipment
Multi talented.
BRAND vision
Brand experience

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